Budget Development and Execution

In a climate of expanding requirements and shrinking budgets, it is more important than ever to develop a solid budget formulation process and effectively track both expenditures and outcomes during budget execution. WWC has experience in all aspects of budget development and execution. Our staff of veteran OMB and agency budget analysts applies their collective experience to guide agencies as they navigate the budget process.

  • Budget Development
    • Budget planning for out-years
    • Coordination of interagency budget processes
    • OMB coordination
    • Identification of risks and mitigation strategies for budget decision-making
  • Budget and Performance Integration
    • Development of metrics and performance indicators
    • Benchmarking and tracking of performance to meet management goals
    • OMB performance assessment assistance for Federal programs
  • Budget Execution
    • Budget tracking and execution of current fiscal year
    • Modification of current budget based on new funding, supplemental appropriations, expected shortfalls, etc.
    • Analysis of spending patterns and tracking of budget obligations, outlays, and expenditures
    • Basic accounting functions for budget execution
  • Budget Databases and Tools
    • Development and maintenance of special tools for budget integration, budget tracking, or tracking of special projects
    • Analysis and implementation of business process reengineering initiatives