Benefits of Working for Wittenberg Weiner Consulting

Wittenberg Weiner Consulting, LLC (WWC) offers challenging and rewarding career opportunities in a positive and flexible work environment. Our employees are drawn to WWC because of our quick professional growth model, our commitment to professional development, and our merit-based compensation and promotion structure.

In the U.S. we employ policy and management professionals who want to continue to promote good government in a nontraditional role. Our unique employment model attracts high-caliber professionals who are interested in the targeted and varying pace of consulting and the opportunity to apply their expertise, creativity and management acumen in a new and challenging context. Our U.S. employees draw on extensive experience at all levels of government and the nonprofit and private sectors to help clients increase organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Overseas, WWC offers rewarding career opportunities to highly qualified professionals, including military spouses and retirees seeking to stay abroad. The company, by virtue of its founding history and values, is deeply committed to the quality of dependent spouses' professional experience in OCONUS settings. We hire exceptionally talented spouses with an excellent work ethic, tenacity, poise and a positive attitude, and provide constant support and feedback to further develop their professional expertise and help them excel in their work. Growing the careers of military spouses and retirees is a very personal mission for us, and it is reflected in the consistently exceptional quality of work that our consultants deliver.

Working for WWC offers:

  • Engaging work on meaningful projects
  • Professional development
  • Mentorship and growth
  • Competitive compensation
  • Flexibility
"WWC provides amazing career enhancing opportunities in Europe and beyond. Instead of a career detour, I grew faster at WWC than I could have in a traditional position in the US, and now that I'm heading back home, I am excited to be continuing my professional growth with WWC."

Heidi Snell

More About Heidi

Heidi Snell joined WWC as a mid-level analyst in 2007, and has been promoted multiple times within the company. She now serves as Chief of Staff and Director, Defense Practice, a role she began while stationed in Naples and continued to fill when she transitioned back to the US after her spouse's European tour was over.